Friday, June 28, 2013

Vector Portraits: Making Hair Strands (Basic)

I've made a video tutorial on making hair strands for vector portraits. I remember finding it so much fun to do and very interesting. Often, when I am making these portraits, I really have no idea how it's gonna turn out but then I surprise myself when it comes out really beautiful.

So here's the video. It's not actually a tutorial though - I just captured how I make the process for the base hair, and haven't put it into much detail. (Sorry about that.)

With the pen tool set to make paths, not to make shapes, I create single curved strokes and then while holding Ctrl + Alt, I drag each stroke to duplicate it and to make multiple copies of paths. With the brush set to Opacity 100% and the second default Hard Round brush, I stroke the path and...voila!

The video shows me how I copy all these to make the hair of the subject. Well, I didn't really capture how I made the rest of the hair, and wishing I did, but for the rest of the hair, I've done the same process except with varying colors and brush sizes. 

And here is how it turned out when I finished making it.
Just Kerryn by tacticianjenro
Sorry about not explaining how I made the rest of the portrait but hopefully I could make more tutorials in the near future. I made this last September of 2012. And also, let me just add that Kerryn makes very good food. :)

Thanks for reading!

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